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The initial phone call, for the potential client and your business, is absolutely the most crucial part of the retention process, particularly during these challenging economic times.  The potential client is in unchartered waters; scared, embarrassed, vulnerable, and uncertain of how best to proceed.  This could be the only opportunity you have to make the very best impression and retain the client. 

We have many years of experience in dealing with consumer law clients.  We handle all initial phone calls and emails from potential clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our effective and expedient approach places the client’s mind at ease, which translates into higher show rates, new clients, and ultimately higher profits for your business.  The Castle Consulting Firm has perfected this model to effectively, efficiently, and ethically bring more clients through the door.  Additionally, we utilize several important forms such as the initial intake form.  This especially thorough form facilitates a smooth and efficient intake process, thus making it easier to assess the client’s needs and your ability to assist them.

Meeting with the client is another critical aspect to the retention process.  The Castle Consulting Firm has devised and perfected a unique and methodical approach to meeting with the potential client.  This portion of the model is proven to increase your ability to retain a higher percentage of new clients.  At the same time, assuring the client that their case will be handled fully and competently by an experienced attorney.  Moreover, this proven approach will increase attorney fees and free up the attorney to do what’s most important; focus on their ever growing case load. 

The Castle Consulting Firm’s model has been examined and approved by judges, bar association members, and some of the most prominent attorneys in the nation.  All have agreed that our model is not only highly effective, but more importantly, ethical.  The Castle Consulting Firm’s unique and methodical approach can be implemented immediately, allowing your business to reap the rewards of its success.  We are excited to bring this opportunity, and all of our expertise, to you and your business.