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Marketing for attorneys and law firms is very different from marketing a product. We meet attorneys, almost daily, who struggle with the process of marketing themselves.  Of course, it’s no fault of their own as they were never taught marketing in law school.  With The Castle Consulting Firm, you or your firm will never have to worry about the how, what, when and how much of marketing again.  

A consumer has so many ways in which to evaluate a product. They can look at it, touch it, taste it, take it for a test drive, and return it if they don't like it. When a consumer buys a product they take control over it. In stark contrast, however, a legal service is intangible. The only way to thoroughly evaluate the lawyer's service is after it has been performed. Instead of taking control, the consumer is actually handing over control.  Typically, the consumer is buying the legal service from someone they do not personally know. Typically, the consumer is paying a portion or all of the fee in advance. Most attorneys assume that the potential client will make a rational evaluation of the attorney’s credentials and experience.  Thus leading the client to buy the services based on the attorney’s advertised qualifications.  However, this assumption is based on a flawed premise; that the buying decision is a rational process. It is not. 

There are proven and effective techniques to marketing your legal services - techniques that are driven by the key elements of the true buying process. Law firm marketing may pose challenges, but done well, it can make any attorney’s practice thrive and that’s precisely why you need The Castle Consulting Firm.

Once a thorough consultation is performed, we will be able to determine what will work best to bring the clients to you and not the dreaded “other guy”. Our marketing plans are custom designed to suit each attorney’s unique needs. Whether it’s image enhancement or marketing efforts that will drive clients in the door, The Castle Consulting Firm will develop a plan that will supercharge your practice. We produce for our clients a dynamic Internet presence and implement strategies which will establish credibility and generate new clients.  Our services include website design and development, electronic newsletters and banner advertising, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click management. In addition, we establish an aggressive social media marketing campaign through some of the most common social media marketing tools including blogs, forums, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

The Castle Consulting Firm is an expert in professional imaging. From your corporate identity to your website and newsletters, we can make you look like the top firm in your field, which is exactly what your potential clients are looking for.  If you are ready to bring success to your firm, then it’s time to contact The Castle Consulting Firm.